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Naughty Book by Dominic Marley

Naughty Book by Dominic Marley

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Naughty is a black and white photography book shot on film of London's underground skateboarding scene between the years 2000-2010, as captured by Dominic Marley. The book features pro skateboarders like Nick Jensen, Lucien Clark, Olly Todd, Andrew Brophy and many more! This book is hard backed and A4 in size, perfectly bound and printed in a 4 colour process to keep detail and contrast on a semi matt paper.

"Dominic Marley’s journey behind a lens firmly focused on skateboarding began in Croydon, a calling which would take him much further afield. Inks were destined to fill his passport but his mission and routine primarily revolved around exploring the city where he cut his teeth as a photographer. It quickly became clear when compiling material, that this should be the anchor for editing down a vast number of images. This is why the book you are holding in your hands is comprised of photographs shot solely in the city of London. Many magical moments live within, all hand-picked to represent the decade he dedicated to capturing skateboarding, a passion which led him to pick up a camera in the first place. Fairfield Halls and further, this love letter to time spent and friendships forged encapsulates an era." - Jake Sawyer


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